What Is Fear? Overcoming the “Fear of Fears”

There stands an invisible wall in front of us, which holds us back from going some particular directions. Sometimes we see the way but mostly it is clouded by a mysterious fog. We just can’t figure out where that fog is coming from or what nails our foot to the ground. However we know by heart, “that something” is there.

It is called “fear”. Not a fear of any kind but the fear itself. The root fear. We use it to so-called protect ourselves. But if there isn’t any imminent danger, what is it that we are protecting ourselves from?  That we don’t know. I don’t mean that we don’t know the answer, I mean we are protecting ourselves from that we don’t know.

It is the fear of the unknown. We are afraid of it beacuse it might not be safe. It might not be comfortable or it might not give us more joy or fulfillment than that of where we stand right now.

We have to overcome this fear because it is senseless. Not to just overcome it but we have to let it go. We can only let go of our fear by understanding it. Listening to what it has to say to us, understanding it and doing it immediately. Overcoming and eliminating our fear of fears might be the most important thing in our lives.

Let’s befriend our fear. Treat it like one. A friend is running towards us and yelling; “Be careful. There is something you should consider where you are headed!” What do you do then? Would you just turn away and go in the opposite direction? Or would you duck and close your eyes, and stand like a statue in a passive, motionless form?

It is your friend and he/she is telling you to consider something about the way you’re facing. He/she doesn’t tell you to turn back and run. He/she doesn’t tell you that there is great danger there. Your friend is just trying to get your attention. Maybe “the fear” is just doing the same thing. Maybe there is a problem with the interpretation because our brains’ translation center is broken by some reason we don’t know about in the very, very past, and we have useless boundaries that limit us since then.

  • Have you ever felt the fear and because you are fed up with the pain and struggle you’re dealing with, then considered going in the direction of the fear?
  • What happened next?
  • Have you faced surprising results?

Maybe not at the exact moment but later in your life. This doesn’t need to be the solid results that you can hold in your hand like a snowball everytime but results that lifted your awareness and conciousness that made you able to look at the same kind of situations from a different perspective and find the answers easily. Don’t try to find big fearful things in your life, just look for small things that happened as I mentioned above. Follow the map and consider if it has happened before or not.

Ok, maybe it didn’t happen in any way in your life and you were always held back by any amount of fear that stood in your way. That’s also a good start. That means you are going to try something very fun and you are going to have valuable insights along the way. That means that there are no negative stories to discourage you in this new approach.

However, you have to dive into this approach NOW and you have to do it by knowing how to do it. First thing is, considering there is no real danger to your life or anyone else’s. Those are  the real source of fear that psychologist define as the ones we react to in two conventional ways; fight or flee (Fight or flight sometimes). It is a different subject.

The fear I am talking about has to be something that nails you to your seat and disabling you from thinking clearly, deciding and acting on something. Maybe calling a friend, telling you care about someone, going on that trip or just hitting the road, starting that business on your mind, going outside your house on your own, leaving your family house etc.

If you want to learn about what I’ve gone through and found out about what steps to take, I wrote and published a Kindle Book on In that e-book on “Fear”, I described the process more precisely, I wrote about the proper way of thinking, steps to take and shared a brief personal story. The story may not be about something big, but the results mattered to me in my life deeply. It changed a part of my life.

The book’s name is “Fear: A Serious Limitation To Your Life”. I propose a way to make our invisible barriers and limits go away. A way that has worked for me and a way that I am still exploring. Everyday is almost different now at least in a foundational way because I see that I have piled up so many things that are rapped with fear and put into the shadows of my mind. And those unsolved things in the dark corners of my mind are troubling my life unconsciously. I have a few things happening in my life that I didn’t or don’t want them to happen this way. If I didn’t want them to happen the way they are happening, so who did?

I know that I don’t want any more unpleasant surprises. I have a right to control my own life the way I wanted.

If you want to try and see what life has to offer, if you had no limits;


 Here is the link to the e-book


“Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

                                                                                                                            Michael Jordan

Thank you and hopefully see you on the other side.

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What Does Fear Mean? (Excerpts from the e-book)


When you are walking on a path and deciding to take the next step, in the most critical moment of the process, fear shows itself more solid and terrifying than ever. You must understand that the fear is not there to stop you and preventing you from going further. It is there to tell you that you have reached the last door. It is there to give you the key to that door. At that moment you can choose to believe in an illusion and turn back or, you can take the key and open the door. It is up to you how to “perceive” the fear and what does it stand for. I have already told that this is all about changing the perspective. In commonality, fear carries negative qualities. Actually it does not.

Don’t tag the things good or bad, positive or negative etc. Don’t tag the fear either, especially with the things that most people do. Fear doesn’t carry the qualities that are stuck on it by the general public. If you really need to tag the fear with something, be it “the key to the last door”.

If you’ve never taken the key from the fear and opened the last door between you and your desired result, you don’t have the authority to judge this statement. However, if you did so, you already knew that something important lies under this statement. It is something that is a great secret to its owner.

 — Here is the link to the e-book

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