What Does Fear Mean? (Excerpts from the e-book)

When you are walking on a path and deciding to take the next step, in the most critical moment of the process, fear shows itself more solid and terrifying than ever. You must understand that the fear is not there to stop you and preventing you from going further. It is there to tell you that you have reached the last door. It is there to give you the key to that door. At that moment you can choose to believe in an illusion and turn back or, you can take the key and open the door. It is up to you how to “perceive” the fear and what does it stand for. I have already told that this is all about changing the perspective. In commonality, fear carries negative qualities. Actually it does not.

Don’t tag the things good or bad, positive or negative etc. Don’t tag the fear either, especially with the things that most people do. Fear doesn’t carry the qualities that are stuck on it by the general public. If you really need to tag the fear with something, be it “the key to the last door”.

If you’ve never taken the key from the fear and opened the last door between you and your desired result, you don’t have the authority to judge this statement. However, if you did so, you already knew that something important lies under this statement. It is something that is a great secret to its owner.

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